No Wonder My Back Hurts....

I'm flying to Philly tomorrow morning for a few days for work.  This means I had to unpack my 'go to' bag, to make sure I wouldn't set off the metal detectors and embarass myself in any way in front of my bosses.  I carry this bag EVERYWHERE, and it's fairly large, therefore it collects a pretty decent amount of 'stuff'. 

Check it out - no wonder my back hurts!

Do I really need access to red bakers twine and watch batteries at the drop of a hat?  I don't think so - Or the manual for my new ski-boots?  Def. not.

It feels good to have everything cleaned out, although I'm putting the flashlight and fingernail clippers right back in my bag when I get home!

Is your bag a catch-all for your life?


  1. Oh man. I'd be scared to see (and way too scared to post) what is in the bottom of mine. Yesterday I found a camera charger that we've been searching all over for. I've been carrying it around for over a month.

  2. @E@Oh!Apostrophe - I'm not going to lie, there were some elements that were intentionally left out of the photo. And yes, there is usually a battery charger and/or cell phone charger in there too!

  3. LOVE the fact that you have Baker's Twine in there. You never know when you'll be called upon to wrap a charming package. ;)

  4. I cleaned mine out the other day and found 2 iphone chargers, some Euros (I haven't been to Europe in 2 years) a few tile samples from October.